My name is Chesa and my hair has always been a curly, kinky, unruly mess. Living in Florida (with all the heat and humidity), only made it that much worse. I began experimenting with perming straighteners, which only succeeded in damaging my hair so badly, it began falling out in chunks. I had pretty my resigned myself to living with my hair pulled back in a pony tail when, 4 years ago, I heard about thermal reconditioning.

This product made my hair shiny, soft and best of all, STRAIGHT! When my family, friends and co-workers first saw me, they couldn't believe the difference. Patti has been doing my thermals for the past four years and not only does she do a fantastic job, but she is an awesome stylist and definitely the reason I drive the 10+ hour round trip every year for my touch-ups. I only wish this product had been invented sooner. It has definitely changed my life!

-- Chesa F. / Jacksonville, FL

Patti has been doing my thermal reconditioning treatments for six years now and I love it. I even travel to Florida to have them done. My hair's stronger and in better condition now than it ever was before--it's shiny and silky and it never gets frizzy. And it's incredibly easy to take care of. It's really changed my life. I wouldn't trust anyone but Patti with my process, the folks at 441 are simply the best. 

--Dominique L. / Brooklyn, New York